Husker commit excited about news

The excitement seems to be spreading throughout the Midlands. The Nebraska Cornhuskers have a head coach and the returns are nothing but good news so far from players that have committed to Nebraska.
According to the mother of Andy Christensen, everybody in the house is excited about the news.
“I’m excited,” Denise Christensen said. “It was hard to have a 17-year old not knowing who was going to be the coach. I’m excited and anxious to meet him, and that’s going to be another stepping stone for us on his way to Nebraska.
“He made it sound like making sure that the kids that were committed to Nebraska are a big priority and that recruiting is a priority, and that made it sound like he already cares about the guys and Andy.”
Christensen is away in Clarks, Neb., at a wrestling tournament and didn’t find out about the new hiring until just a little while ago.
“His dad is up there with him at the tournament,” Christensen said. “I had to call him and tell him to get out to the truck and listen to the press conference. He went out there while Andy was getting ready and kept going back and forth to give Andy reports from the truck.
“As you can tell, we’re all really excited.”