Hunter holds a pair of early offers

With two offers already to his name, Eastern Arizona Community College offensive tackle Khalil Hunter likes the way the recruiting process has begun. That's not to say he's not expecting more opportunities to follow. It just means the invitations he's received from Missouri and Louisville made serious impacts.
Both programs have piqued his interest, and now the 300-pound lineman plans to find out more about each.
"I don't really know much about Missouri because they just offered through my coach," Hunter said. "I haven't even talked to them yet. I talk to the Louisville coaches on Facebook and stuff, but I still have to find out more about them, too. Right no, I just talk to the O-line coach. He wants to talk about a summer visit."
Hunter says LSU and USF have also been in contact through social media. And while he has been in contact with the Bulls' coaching staff longer than that of any other program, there seems to be an internal holdup when it comes to a scholarship offer. Exactly what that holdup is, however, isn't quite clear.
"The coaches at USF still talk to me all the time and tell me to stay patient. When they heard about the other two offers, they told me to stay patient with them and hang in there, so I have."
A visit to Louisville is being planned and he intends to take it before the start of his sophomore season at Eastern Arizona. And while he would also like to check out Missouri before making a decision, that trip seems less certain.
"I'll maybe visit Missouri," Hunter said. "Well, I want to visit Missouri, but I'm just waiting for them to contact me right now. I'm just waiting for them to reach out."
There's plenty to see when it comes time for those visits to take place. Still, nothing will be as important to Hunter as his perceptive team's depth chart. See, Hunter's motivation is similar to that of most other junior college prospects. His eligibility clock is ticking and getting stuck behind a returning star isn't an option.
"I'm after playing time," Hunter said. "I'm trying to play. I'm going to be a junior by the time I get out of junior college."