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Hudson staying busy with job, 7-on-7

Dallas Wilmer Hutchins cornerback Walter Hudson is working hard this summer. And that has kept him from getting to any camps.
"I've got a job," the 6-foot, 180-pound Hudson said. "It takes a lot of my time and I can't get off to go to a camp or on an unofficial visit. I wish it would work, but it just doesn't."
That doesn't mean Hudson is not working on his game, too.
"I'm in a 7-on-7 league here. That pushes me pretty hard. We've got a fine offense and our defense is very good. We are really clicking as a team. That will only help us this fall. The way we play puts the defensive backs out there all by themselves on the receivers. That's the way we play in the fall, so it works out well for me as far as getting me ready."
Hudson's top five schools include Oklahoma, Florida State, Texas, Oregon and Kansas State. Despite not having offers from the Seminoles, Longhorns or Ducks, he really likes the schools.
"I've gotten letters from all three of them and I really like them. I've always liked Texas and Florida State. But, Oregon is kind of new to me. I think I'd like it there. But Oklahoma and Kansas State have offered me already, so I like that part. And they are both very high quality defensive teams."
There are other schools in the hunt for Hudson's talents, too. Scholarship offers from Colorado, Iowa State and Texas A&M highlight his list. Also on his mind are Notre Dame, Penn State, Kansas and Oklahoma State.
"I'm not favoring any school really the most right now," he said. "I need to see how it all develops and then take my visits this fall before making a decision. I won't hurry it and make a quick choice. I want to see the schools and find the best one."