Howle close to more offers

Offensive lineman Ty Howle has already established himself as one of the top prospects in North Carolina and he currently holds three offers. More could be on the way before long.
The 6-foot-2, 290-pound center from Bunn, N.C. holds offers from Penn State, East Carolina and Navy.
"The closest (to offering) I think are Georgia Tech, Maryland and Auburn," Howle said.
"Coach Dunn (Auburn defensive tackles' coach), I've actually known him for two or three years. He came and recruited Kerry Neal, who's at Notre Dame, and Brandon (Barnes) last year. He's come to our school three or four times the last three years.
"Coach (Paul) Johnson recruited Brandon last year. He and Galen Hall came and visited them. The guys from ECU, I know all about them. They're an hour up the road. Same thing with (NC) State and (North) Carolina."
Howle is planning a trip to one of the schools that has already offered him.
"I'm going up to Penn State soon," he said. "I went to ECU (March 5) and I'll probably make another trip there. I'll be staying up at Penn State for a few days. I'll get there on a Friday morning. They're not going to practice until that Monday, so I'll watch that then come back home Tuesday.
"I'm going to try to take a trip to Georgia Tech for a basketball game, possibly. And Auburn, they wanted me to come down and visit this spring, maybe for their spring game.
"I went down for that last year with Brandon Barnes."