Howell has three on top

There aren't too many players more versatile than Newhall (Calif.) Hart athlete Delano Howell. We caught up with Howell at the Huntington Beach (Calif.) Edison 7 on 7 passing tournament this past Saturday to find out the latest on an injury that sideline him the rest of the summer and the three schools he's currently looking at.
Howell, 6-0, 185 pounds is a two time all-state underclass selection and is being recruited at three different positions right now. He's a very talented running back and also has the size and athleticism to play safety or even corner in college.
As a junior, Howell rushed for 1,491 yards and 29 touchdowns, caught 41 balls for 625 yards and six scores and added two more touchdowns on punt/kick returns. He's a player who we expected would have double digit offers right now but instead has just two.
"What happened was one of the services that sends out film to the colleges send out a couple of games on Delano when he didn't really do much," Indian coach Mike Herrington said. "Stanford offered him but a few other schools just didn't see enough. UCLA had him make a highlight tape and couldn't believe how good it was.
"Washington got a copy of it as well and offered on the spot. They were actually a little embarrassed and apologized saying they messed up not offering sooner and really like him a lot. UCLA is supposed to let him know this week if they have an offer or not for him so things are definitely picking up."
Howell said those three Pac 10 schools are the sole schools he's looking at right now.
"Those are my three and I'll decide at the end of the summer where I'm going," Howell said. "I don't really want to name a favorite among the three because then the other two will read about it and call me and ask about why they're not leading. UCLA is supposed to let me know this week about an offer and they want me at corner.
"Stanford wants me for running back and Washington offered as an athlete. I don't really care where I play, I don't have a preference, just whatever gets me on the field the fastest."
Howell suffered a serious facial injury in a passing tournament two weeks ago and is out for the rest of the summer.
"I was on defense and stepped in front of the receiver to pick off a pass," Howell said. "Right then, our safety came up and we collided, his forehead to my mouth. I was knocked out and had a concussion. Two of my front teeth got pushed back in to my gums and he had to have 68 stitches in his forehead to close the cut so it was a pretty violent collision. I'll be back in the fall but I'm done with passing league for the rest of the summer unfortunately."