Houston TE planning visits

Houston (Texas) Chavez tight end Harold Turnage is already thinking about visits and he's got one in mind for the early portion of the fall.
The 6-foot-3, 260-pounder has grabbed scholarship offers so far from Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, TCU, and Boise State. One school that has yet to offer, Colorado, may be his first visit.
"I'm trying to get out there for an official trip," Turnage said about Colorado. "I was talking to the coaches up there and I'm trying to get there when I don't have a Thursday game. They haven't offered yet, but they're talking like they will."
Miami and LSU are two other programs that Turnage is thinking about visiting in the near future. Indiana and Boise State are also talking about it with the talented tight end.
Nebraska is a school that had been reported as an offer, but Turnage says that hasn't happened yet.
"No, they haven't offered me in writing," he said. "They're just kind of looking at me right now like Colorado is."
Turnage says that he and his father are talking about a decision late in the season.
"I'm taking my time right now to find out how schools use their tight end in the offense," he said. "My dad and I think that by the end of the season or after, I'll be ready to decide."