Houston St. Pius features top juniors

While Ian Symonette gets the headlines, St. Pius in Houston is winning
because of some special underclassmen.
St. Pius (6-1) looks to return to the Texas private school playoffs this

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season and returning to the state final game - but this time winning it. They
might be year away as coach Robin Kirk's junior class gets a little more
experience before 2006.
"We've got a special class coming," Kirk said. "And we are led by a sophomore
quarterback. I truly feel we'll have three or four Division I kids next year."
At St. Pius, the stars play both ways and Kirk's studs play defensive backs
and receivers.
Right now, the best of the bunch is lockdown corner Terrance Farmer (6 feet 1, 185 pounds), followed by Zeb Porter (6-1, 190) and Bakari Maxwell (6-0,175).
"I'd put Terrance up against anyone on the city of Houston right now," Kirk
said. "He has a good sense about him and is tremendously physical. Zeb and
Bakari are great defensive backs and receivers in our multiple set offense. The
are both great athletes."
The junior trio is joined by sophomore quarterback Billy Noonan, who has
started since his freshman season when he threw for over 2,000 yards.
"Billy is going to be a good one," Kirk said. "He's had a little bit of a
sophomore slump, but he's 16-years old. He's close to six-foot and will only grow
more. He will be a tremendous prospect at quarterback in two years."
Other junior prospects include defensive tackle Fred Thompson and safety
Jamail Grimes.