Houston OL busy on the phone

When you're one of the top offensive linemen in the nation, you're sure to be spending a long time on the phone in early September. But Spring (Texas) Westfield tackle Tony Ugoh didn't know that meant spending hours upon hours on the phone.
"I feel like the phone is attached to my ear," the four-star 6-foot-6, 275-pound prospect said.
"Let me look at my list. I got calls from Alabama, USC, Duke, Texas, LSU, Texas A&M, Houston, Florida, Ohio State, Purdue, Arizona, Iowa State, UCLA, Tulsa and Iowa.

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"Those were just the ones on Saturday. Then Oklahoma called me today, and I missed a bunch from guys like Miami and a few others."
Through this whole mess, Ugoh has heard the same lines, the same recruiting pitches and the same everything. Except for two schools - that he singled out as having different approaches.
"The coaches at Florida and Oklahoma were a bit different," Ugoh said.
"They didn't spend the whole time talking about how great they were. They point blank asked me what questions that I had. I had quite a few for all of the schools but didn't get to ask them because the coaches wouldn't stop talking. So with Florida and OU, I got to ask the questions that I wanted to."
And he must have gotten the right answers. Ugoh said that those are the only two schools that he knows for sure that he'll visit at this point.
"Florida looked great on TV the other day," he said. "How could you not like their offense, and Oklahoma has been playing some great games. They look really good."
As far as who will get the other three visits, that looks like it's up in the air.
"I couldn't even begin to think about who else I want to visit," he said. "It's just too hard right now. They're all saying the same thing."