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Houston has three officials in mind

It didn't take long for a double-digit amount of offers to show up for Lamarr Houston, the four-star defensive end/fullback prospect and the No. 2 rated player in Colorado. However, now he is looking at where he will take his recruiting process from here with a big agenda coming up over the next six months.
Not only is Houston one of the nation's top recruited prospects, but he is also a star on the high school basketball team and planning on moving with his parents to Tennessee after his high school days are done at Doherty. If that wasn't enough, the 6-foot-2, 257-pound young man has over 22 offers to sort through and is trying to come up with some visits.
He knows of three so far.
"Texas, Arizona State, and USC are the schools I'm pretty comfortable with and that I know a lot about already," Houston said. "Those ones I know for sure I'll be visiting. Really, it's because they show me a lot of attention with letters, birthday cards, Mother's Day cards, and all that stuff."
However, those three are not the only ones racing for Houston's attention. Upon being asked who is recruiting the hardest, he listed the above three along with Michigan State, Michigan, Nebraska, and Iowa State.
While he is starting to figure out visits, he is no where near ready to name favorites.
"No there's not," Houston said. "I haven't even gotten to the point where I'm ready to name a top five or anything like that. It's a lot of attention that hasn't slowed down. I just haven't thought about recruiting as much lately."
His visits will also not be scheduled until probably later in the fall because Houston does not want trips to conflict with his football and basketball schedule. The switch in states from Colorado to Tennessee with his family will come after he has made his college choice, a few weeks before he leaves for college.
"It won't effect my high school season because it will be days before I go to college probably," Houston said. "I've worked hard for this season by training a lot this summer. I wouldn't be missing out on this."
Houston was first-team all-conference pick for offense and defense during his junior season and is a Rivals250 selection.