Houston CB heading for the Rockies

Talk about keeping a secret. Houston Madison cornerback Donald Burgs has been committed for more than two weeks. Committed to who?
Committed to Colorado.
The 5-foot-11, 170-pound cornerback has been committed to Colorado "for about two weeks," but decided to just go public with his pledge earlier tonight.
"It's been about two weeks since I did it," Burgs, who Rivals100 interviewed back on August. 9, said.
"I was thinking it over with my mother and coach. I was looking at all of the information and the track records that they have in the past for cornerbacks.
"I told my mother and my coach that I've been looking at the information and that Colorado was the best place for me."
Despite offers from Oklahoma, Arizona, Tulsa, A&M and Alabama, Burgs said he felt most comfortable in the Rockies with the Buffs.
"It was a really easy decision after I thought about it," Burgs said.
So will he now go after blue-chip teammates Vince Young and Courtney Lewis?
"I think it's going to be hard to get Vince," Burgs said with a laugh. "But I hope I can get Courtney. He needs to come with me."