Hornsby looking at officials

Like any true top athlete, Jamar Hornsby of Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood is trying to stronger, faster, and better every single day with quite the workout routine but setting up official visits to numerous colleges in the process.
Though no dates are in the books yet for the 6-foot-4, 195-pound Rivals100 prospect, he is looking at three teams for his trips coming up this fall. With three distant schools looking to receive official visits, one begins to wonder if his long time leader, Florida, has changed.
"The Gators are still on top for me," Hornsby said about his favorite. "I love Florida for some reason. I just love the environment. I mean I've been there six or seven times without going anywhere else. It's an hour away and I've loved it every time I've been there."

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One reason that the five-star target has been favoring the in-state Gators is the constant contact from coach Urban Meyer. Considering coaches can't call, Hornsby knows exactly when and how the Florida coach will make his presence felt.
"It's every day, same time, every day as a wake up call," Hornsby said. "I used to set my alarm for 7:00 but coach Meyer shoots me a text message at that time so I don't even set the alarm anymore."
"The last one he sent was just talking about being a leader today and go out and be the best."
Though the Gators appear to have a firm lead on things, Michigan, Ohio State, and USC are all in the running for official visits. Florida is a school that he can venture to whenever the mood is right.
However, out-of-state schools are much harder to travel to and Hornsby wants to change that.
"I talked to the coaches at Ohio State and I might be going there for the Texas game," Hornsby said. "I know I'm going to Michigan but I don't know exactly when. I'm going to USC as well. Those places are far away and I want to experience some new stuff."
"I can't just pop up in the morning to go to USC like I can Florida."
Interestingly enough, official visits was beginning to look like a long shot because the No. 3 rated prospect in the state of Florida was about to get his process out of the way with a decision.
His parents told him to make sure he checked out every option before pulling the trigger on a commitment.
"My mom has had me hold off for a while," Hornsby said. "I was kind of ready to make the commitment so I could concentrate on that one school. When the season starts, I could be done and it wouldn't get crazy. My mom and dad told me to hold off. They said take my visits, look at the depth charts, ask coaches questions first."
The decision timeframe now for Hornsby appears as wide open as ever. Depending on how many schools get involved could swing this process one way or the other. Schools that show him a winning attitude will probably maintain or take the lead.
"You've got to have a team full of players that love the game," he said. "I feel blessed to be in the position I'm in and I want to be surrounded by people that feel the same way."
Hornsby is rated as the No. 3 athlete in the country.