Horn pledge hoping friend gets offer

Texarkana (Texas) Texas High receiver Nathan Jones has been committed to Texas since March. Now that the September calling period is in full bloom, is the Longhorn pledge’s phone silent or ringing with calls from the college coaches.
“Actually, I’m surprised at how quiet things have been around here,” Jones, who is ranked by as a three-star receiver and the No. 22 receiver in the nation, said. “I’ve just been talking to coach Drake at Texas. He’s really the only one that I talk to every week.”
Jones said he really hasn’t been thinking about anybody other than Texas, despite having offers from Florida, LSU, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. He did say if other teams did call him he might take a “slight peak” at them, but he’s going to end up in Austin.
“I’m officially going to Texas,” Jones said. “That’s all I really know or think about.”
Jones said he’s followed Texas closely this season and was disappointed to witness the Horns’ loss to Arkansas in person two weeks ago.
“I was disappointed, but some times you’re going to lose,” Jones said. “Texas was picked to win that game, but Arkansas surprised me. I kind of thought Arkansas might find a way to fight hard, but I never thought that would happen.”
Jones said he’s also trying to do a little recruiting of his own. He’s been talking to the Texas coaches about offering his teammate, Korey Sutton, who has had a very successful season as a running back.
“I’m telling coach Drake that they need to offer Korey,” Jones said. “I want to play with him. I just don’t want him to end up some where like Arkansas and come back and hurt Texas.”