Holmes talks about Oregon visit

Colton (Calif.) defensive lineman and UCLA commit Damien Holmes took an official visit to Oregon this past weekend. Holmes said the trip was eye opening but was enough to pull him off of his commitment?
Holmes, 6-3, 250 pounds is having a big senior year and could be the top defensive end prospect in the state. He's a big, strong kid with a great motor and knows how to get up the field.
The lineman was one of several players who committed to UCLA during the spring but he wanted to take one official visit to an out of state school just to have something to compare to the Bruins.
"I really had a great trip," Holmes said. "It was great watching the team play and the game with USC was very exciting. There were a lot of highlights from the visit but the game was probably the biggest one.
"I also really enjoyed hanging out with the players and just being with the team. It was great to talk to the guys and get their perspective on things and how much they like it there.
"Of course the facilities were insane and nothing like I've ever seen before. The coaches were great and overall, the trip was just a lot of fun. It kind of opened up my eyes a lot and now I'm really looking forward to taking my visit to UCLA so I can compare the two schools together.
"My commitment to UCLA is still solid, that hasn't changed one bit. I just really want to take my visit there and then just make sure I'm doing the right thing. This is obviously a big decision for me and I want to make it as well thought out as possible.
"The coaches at Oregon were extremely classy and never tried to force me in to making a commitment or anything. When we talked on Sunday, they just told me they were aware that I was already committed to UCLA and just said to keep them in mind if I ever decide to change my mind. They said they would be there for me but made a point to say they were going to try and force me to do anything and I respected that a lot."