Holmes ready to finish up classes

Dallas (Texas) South Oak Cliff wide receiver Lendy Holmes is still finishing up classes before hitting camps.
"I still have a full week of classes before I am done with this school year," the 6-foot-2, 180-pound Holmes said. "After that is done, then I can work on getting to some of the camps."

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The class schedule has already kept Holmes from making one camp he had hoped to get to.
"I wanted to go to Texas' one-day camp on Sunday. But, I had some things I had to be doing here for school that kept me from going. But, I'll get to some others later in the month."
Two already on Holmes' calendar are Oklahoma and Texas A&M.
"I’m looking forward to going to see those places and take in their camps. Those are two I want to learn a little more about."
Those two were among the many schools to call Holmes during the May calling period.
"Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas, Tulsa, Colorado, Kansas State and Arizona are the ones that are coming to mind right now. There were many others too, but those are the ones I can think of."
Holmes is beginning to work on a top five school list, and hopes to take some looks this summer in hopes of trimming his list down.
"I'd like to possibly take some unofficial trips to places this summer. It will all depend how things fall and how much time I have. But, I really would like to get to some campuses this summer."
Holmes plays both ways for South Oak Cliff and doesn't have a preference in college.
"Either way is fine for me. Some schools talk to me as an athlete while others say as a receiver. I just want to play. If I had to pick one, I'd probably say receiver, but it doesn’t matter."