Holloway talks camps, leader

Two offers are in for Asheville, N.C. athlete Tysean Holloway. The 6-foot-1, 187-pounder has other colleges interested and is beginning to map out his summer schedule.
"I've got North Carolina and Georgia Tech offers," he said. "Other than that, coaches have been coming by from East Carolina, Tennessee, Army, NC Central, Michigan and Clemson.
"Most schools are saying they want to see me in camp to see how my hips are, that's really it."
So, are camps on the schedule?
"Yes, I'm actually for sure going down to Tennessee," he said. "I want to say it'll be on June 6th or 7th. I'm supposed to go to Florida State but I just haven't figured out which time I want to go yet. I might get down to Clemson too."
Despite the offers, Holloway claims one school is very high on his list that he is holding out for an offer from.
"Growing up as a kid I wanted to go to Tennessee," he said. "Now that they are in the picture I want to see what's going on with the school and get an offer from them. If that happens, that'll make my whole year that much better.
"It's nine of ten chance if they offer I'll commit. I just grew up liking them. I don't know what it is. Ever since 2005 I've been Tennessee, Tennessee, Tennessee. My whole room is covered in Tennessee stuff all over and I never thought they'd be interested in me. Now they are coming down to visit me and camp opens that door again."
Holloway noted he is fond of Florida State and North Carolina as well.
"North Carolina was like the first school I went to and had the best feel at," he said. "I felt like I was at home there and it's the same feeling as Tennessee. The coaches are real laid back and cool.
"Florida State, it's Florida, c'mon it's Florida State. It's the great surroundings in Tallahassee and the uniforms, c'mon. In my mind if you look good, you feel good and you play good."