Holloway schedules first official

Things have changed dramatically for Asheville, N.C. athlete Tysean Holloway. The 6-foot-1, 187-pounder has scheduled his first official visit for this weekend and is waiting to see what else comes in.
"I received an offer yesterday morning from Appalachian State," he said. "They told me they'd like me to enroll early and I have my official visit set for this weekend."
The trip is Holloway's first official, but what does the offer and opportunity to enroll early mean to him?
"It means a lot more that they are going to let me enroll early," he said. "Most schools aren't used to people enrolling early so late in the process. I know it's a long shot with other schools to have that type of relationship where they'd allow me to enroll early, but I'm ready for the official."
Does he know much about Appalachian State?
"Honestly, I haven't talked to them much at all," he said. "I talked to them the first couple weeks and then they fell off the map once they got wind of other schools recruiting me. Now they are back in the picture and I have a strong impression of them."
Holloway is hoping to see a few things on his first official.
"I've heard a lot about Appalachian State. I've heard it's a really fun school. They are supposed to have big crowds week in and week out. I just want to get that feel."
What's the situation with other schools?
"I'm trying to get in touch with some schools I know are in need of running backs, Baylor, Rutgers, Boston College and Kansas State," he said. "I know it's going to be hard to get something this late in the process, but Appalachian State looks good as well. I have no problems with that. I know I'd have a great chance to show what I can do there in the spring."
Previously, Duke and Minnesota were high on the list, what about them?
"The thing with Duke is they have two guys ahead of me right now, if either one commits then the offer is not there. I also can't enroll early," he said. "As for Minnesota, they ended up taking a guy out of JUCO."
Holloway claims no favorites at this stage.
Holloway and Asheville ended the season a couple weeks ago in a playoff loss to Crest.
"I finished up the season with 1,400-yards rushing, 20 receptions for 350-yards, 24 touchdowns rushing, three receiving and 20 tackles. I missed about a game and a half with a knee injury," he said. "Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. I feel like this year was sort of a disappointment for me cause you're supposed to be going against little kids, you're supposed to be running all over them and I didn't run for more than I did as a sophomore."
Still, Holloway earned Shrine Bowl honors and is looking forward to the chance to show his stuff later this month.
"I'm excited for it," he said. "Really, I just want to show if there is anyone who doubts my knee that I'm back. I'm in the weight room, my joints are loose and I just want to show them what I have."