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Hollins focused on school, helping

There hasn't been a more giving city in the state of Louisiana than Baton Rouge, where the people have opened their homes, schools and city, allowing the survivors of Hurricane Katrina to become part of their community.
The city has ballooned to some estimates of around 750,000 people and that has caused some headaches, but Redemptorist defensive end Jonathan Hollins doesn't mind.
"It can be frustrating when it takes 45 minutes to get gas, but we don't mind too much," Hollins, who is 6-foot-3 and 228 pounds, said. "We've got to help these people out, because I know they would help us out if we were in the same situation."
Hollins said he had one heartbreaking story that helped put things in perspective for him.
"I was driving along and this guy needed a ride," Hollins said. "So I gave him a ride to the shelter. He was from New Orleans and he said he lost everything. It was really depressing and it made me think about how lucky I am. I have a couple of friends that lost everything, so I have to think about how lucky I am."
Hollins and his Redemptorist teammates had a monster game this past weekend against No. 1 ranked Notre Dame of Crowley. Things didn't go well for Redemptorist as they suffered a loss and likely will drop from the No. 2 ranking in the state.
When it comes to recruiting, Hollins said he's talked to Texas Tech so far this September.
"I talked to coach Dykes and he talked to me about setting up that visit for October 1," Hollins said. "I don't know if I'm going to do that for sure yet or not, but we'll know soon."
Hollins honestly said recruiting isn't on his mind too much because of his season and the hurricane.
"Really the only thing on my mind is school," Hollins said. "If the schools call, then they call, if they don't they don't."
Hollins said he does have offers from Houston, Ole Miss, Southern Miss and Texas Tech. He is ranked as the No. 22 player in the state of Louisiana and is a three-star prospect.