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Hollingsworth updates his recruitment

Although he hasn't picked up any new offers, safety Jay Hollingsworth out of Lee County, N.C. is receiving plenty of visits from coaches. Who has stopped by to meet the 5-foot-11, 180-pounder?
"Not much is going on as of late," he said. "Coaches are coming by for visits including Duke's Ted Roof, Virginia, East Carolina, Marshall, Wake Forest and Vanderbilt. I was especially impressed with Duke because coach Roof came by just to say hi for a minute."
Previously the Tar Heel State prospect was favoring two of his offers, Virginia and Duke. Is that still the case?
"That is pretty much the case, but I'm open to everybody else if they come in too," he stated. "The thing that interests me about those two is that they are showing more interest than anyone else. I keep in contact with the head coaches and have already developed a good relationship with them and not just the assistants."
This summer looks to be a busy one for Hollingsworth who is still in the process of scheduling camps.
"I've got a few. I'm going to Wake Forest on June 10th along with East Carolina, Virginia and Duke. Those are some I know for sure."