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Holcombe has one early offer

For Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) University School quarterback Gunnar Holcombe, his junior season has been a test. Not because of anything defenders have done to him on the field, but due to a set of circumstances that led to him being unable to contribute at the start of the season.
"It started off good and I had a good two-a-day session but the day after that I got sick for two-and-a-half weeks with an intestinal virus," Holcombe said. "I had been splitting time with (quarterback) Douglas Cook before that but after I missed that time it was his job. So I am not starting right now. I am just waiting my turn and hopefully will get a shot again."
The 6-foot-3, 195-pound signal-caller said that the experience has taught him a good bit and made him a better player and person, on and off the field.
"I've just learned that I always thought me being the best and all could always get me anywhere, but I learned anything can happen," Holcombe said. "I've realized I can't control the outcome of everything. I can only control what I do. I just do everything to be prepared for whatever happens."
Despite being on the sidelines this season, schools have still taken notice of his talent. At this point, he is sitting at one offer.
"South Florida has offered me," Holcombe said. "They offered me towards the end of last year. They told me they really like me a lot and they told me I was one of their top priorities for my position and class. They just said they wanted to see more of me this year and to stay in contact with them. They also told me they want me to come over there at some point and visit."
The Bulls are far from the only school interested in his services.
"I am also getting interest from Boston College," Holcombe said. "I have probably gotten 30 or 40 letters from them. I am also hearing from Wisconsin, Rutgers, Nebraska, FAU, and Florida. Oregon has recently started to send me letters. Miami has asked about me as well."
Holcombe, who says he has been a Miami fan all of his life, got a chance to watch the 'Canes in person this past weekend.
"I went to the Miami game this past weekend with all of the recruits against FSU," Holcombe said. "I had been there once or twice last year but this game was nice to see, seeing how the fans really supported the team. I watched how the coaches interacted with the kids during the game. It just seemed like a good atmosphere to be in."
He was previously supposed to visit North Carolina State, but was unable to make the trip. He has previously visited South Florida, but not since Skip Holtz took over as their head coach.