Hokies clear leader for RB

Greensboro (N.C.) Page prospect Remene Alston recently took a visit to the leading school on his list, Virginia Tech. What did the 5-foot-8, 180-pound running back think of the Hokies after his visit?
"It was great, it seems like a fun place to be and the players have a lot of heart and I want to be a part of it. I got to see how big college players were compared to me and learn how everything you need is right there at the school," he said. "Coach Billy Hite is great, who wouldn't want to play for coach Hite? I've wanted to play for him for awhile. It seems they have some of the best coaches in the country and they are more concerned with players than just talent, they get to know them as a person."
What stuck out the most about the visit for Alston?

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"I'd probably say the fact that you can graduate before your senior year to go to the NFL."
Did the visit keep the Hokies at the top of his list?
"It was number one before I went there and the visit just heightened it for me even more," he said. "I've wanted to go there since Michael Vick played and the Florida State bowl game. I like the history of the program because they win games and I like to win. Why not play for a winning program where the coaches' care about you as a person and not just another number and you get to go to bowl games?"
Virginia Tech is obviously at the top of Alston's list, but trailing them closely is West Virginia, Georgia and Clemson. He touched on each of these schools also.
"I watched a few games of West Virginia and started liking them with their running back Kayjay Harris and quarterback Rasheed Marshall," he said. "This was a similar to Georgia with David Greene and Pollack and Danny Ware, I take an interest in certain people on the team. Finally, with Clemson, Woody Dantzler came from there and I took an interest in him too."
Currently, Alston is preparing for the Nike Camp at Georgia and the Adidas Camp at North Carolina State.
"I lift every morning and then run track practice in the afternoon," he said. "Track is going alright. We had our first meet and I came in first in the 100 meters, second in the 200 meters and second in the 4x2."
As for his goals for next year, Alston just has one.
"I really don't care what kind of statistics I put up as long as we win, that's our main goal," he said. "If we lose and I run for 300 yards, it's worthless."
Alston only has a summer camp at Virginia Tech scheduled right now.
Last season, the running back and return specialist ran for 1,200 yards rushing and three punt returns for touchdowns. He went on to be named all-conference and honorable mention all-area.