Hogs hold lead for Longino

Antonio Longino reverses course mid-sentence. He has his mind made up on some things, but his list of favorites isn't one of them. He knows he enjoyed his recent visit to Arizona State. He also knows he'll take a trip to Auburn on Jan. 11.
But who is the leader in his recruitment? That question is one he struggles with.
"I don't really have any favorites. I don't really know, well, I guess I do like Arkansas," he said. "Yeah, I guess they're the top. I like them."

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And so goes the recruitment of the Hutchison Community College linebacker. Arkansas seems to be the leader for now, but it doesn't feel as though the Razorbacks have a stranglehold on the situation by any means.
Longino is only decisive in his indecisiveness. That said, he didn't throw out Arkansas as the favorite without reason. He has his motivation.
"I went down there and I liked it," he said. "I feel like I could play at Arkansas. I like the defense. I saw the weight room and liked that. I basically liked everything down there. I talked to the new coaches. I like them."
The case of his recruitment is nowhere near closed, though. Arizona State and Indiana remain very much alive. As does Auburn, which is next on Longino's visit itinerary. A fifth and final trip is also in the plans, but the where and when remain in question.
"I'm gonna take my time with that one and really figure out where I want to go," Longino said. "I'm still trying to check that out."
Amidst the uncertainly stands one quasi-definite. He may not know which school will ultimately land his pledge, but he does know when it will receive it. Longino has created a self-imposed deadline and plans to stick to it.
"The 29th of January, that's when I'll decide," he said. "I'll go where I feel I fit and where I feel I'm gonna play."
In total, Longino claims 10 scholarship offers. He's ranked as the No. 32 junior college prospect in America and the No. 3 juco linebacker.