Hill raves about visit to Oregon

Early on in the recruiting process, Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds defensive lineman Derrick Hill told us he had a very solid top two of USC and Cal. After his recent visit to Oregon, it sounds like things are now very much up in the air.
Hill, 6-1, 280 pounds and the top defensive tackle prospect in the West region has already visited Colorado and Arizona but said the trip to Oregon might have been his best yet.
"I left at halftime of my game Friday because we were already up 49-6," Hill said. "Rashon Harris was my host and we went out to a few party's but they got broken up pretty quickly so we just went back to our hotel and kept things pretty mellow.
"On Saturday, I got a little tour of the campus and saw the facilities but to be honest, I didn't see that much of the campus the whole time I was there. I think I probably saw everything but the campus or at least the non-football part. They have great locker rooms and the weight room there is real nice too. Then after seeing everything, we went to the game and that was a great experience for me.
"As we were walking in, all of these fans were talking to me and telling me how much they needed me. I don't even know how they knew who I was because I wasn't wearing a name tag. Fans were chanting my name all game, it was sweet. I had never experienced that before so it really cool. The game itself was real cool too. I had been to a lot of Cal- Stanford rivalry games and so this was very similar. The fans were going crazy and Oregon looked really good.
"One of the things I really liked about the trip was how small Eugene is. I'm a pretty small town guy and I like to know where I'm going. I don't want to have to go somewhere and constantly be asking people where everything is. Eugene is small enough where everything is right there and easy to find. I liked Tucson too for that same reason. It's pretty small and everything is right there for you."
Hill has two visits left, to USC (Dec. 2) and to Cal (Dec. 9).
"I'll be ready to make my decision after the Cal visit," Hill said. "The USC trip is going to be crazy because they're playing UCLA for a chance to play for another national title. I need to figure out when I can get out there for that trip. I was supposed to go out on Friday but our city title game is Friday night so I'm not sure what I can do. I don't want to just fly out on Saturday and then come home the next day like I had to at Colorado. That was just way too short to get the full affect so I'll be taking with them soon to see what we can do.
"Right now, I really like Oregon and Arizona a lot. Both schools kind of fit what I'm looking for in a school. I'm sure I'll love the USC and Cal trips too and I'm looking forward to seeing both places but right now, I really think Oregon and Arizona have exactly what I'm looking for."