Hiben plans to set three official visits

Waconia, (Minn.) three star ranked tight end prospect Joey Hiben (6-foot-5, 235 pounds) is trying to rally his teammates this week. Waconia High is currently 1-4 this fall.
"Besides our start this year, things have been going pretty well," Joey Hiben said. "We're 1-4 so far this season, so I've been trying to provide some senior leadership and trying to keep everyone focused. We have a really young team this year, and it's not like we're getting blown out of games, we just haven't been able to win a few close games."
Hiben has also started the process of narrowing down his favorite schools.

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"The phone calls have been much more under control lately. I've been trying to narrow things down, and I've been very straight-forward and honest with the coaches. I get the feeling that the college coaches appreciate my honesty, and they seem understanding when I tell them that I'm just not interested in their school."
Hiben has narrowed down his favorites to three schools.
"I'm basically down now to three schools, Notre Dame, Stanford and Purdue. I would say that all three are really close right now for me. It's going to be difficult to eventually choose between those three schools, because all three offer a great mix of athletics and academics. On the other hand, it's really incredible to have those three schools to choose from and I'm going to set official visits to all three schools very shortly. Notre Dame, Stanford and Purdue are the only schools that I'm planning to make official visits."
Yet setting official visit dates will not be as easy as it sounds for the multi-sport Hiben.
"I basically haven't set any official visit dates yet, and it's just been a case where I need to get together with my parents as well as looking hard at my basketball schedule and seeing which weekends I can use to fit in my visits. I hope to have some dates set in the next few weeks."