Hester will take visits

We had a chance to attend the Compton (Calif.) Dominguez- Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola game last Friday and easily the best player on the field was Dons cornerback Aaron Hester. The talented athlete is still a solid commitment for UCLA but he will take a few official visits later in the year.
This was the first time we had a chance to see Hester in action this year and he was very impressive. At 6-0, 185 pounds, Hester has an ideal frame for a corner. He has long arms, great feet and in the Dons defense, plays press coverage every play.
Hester is very aggressive at the line of scrimmage but where he really impressed us was in his open field tackling ability. Several times in the game, Loyola would run a sweep to Hester's side of the field and he would step up and make a bone jarring open field tackle.

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Although there are some very talented corners in the West this year, Hester does look very deserving of being ranked the top corner prospect in the region. His upside is very high and he has a ton of natural ability.
On the recruiting front, we caught up with Hester's father Al before the game and he gave us a run down on what the latest was on his sons recruitment.
"Aaron is a firm commitment to UCLA still," Al said. "I saw a rumor a week ago that he was going to switch to USC and that's just crazy. We haven't even talked to USC, they send letters and have called a few times but Aaron hasn't called them back and is very happy with his commitment to UCLA.
"He will take his visits and that's something we discussed with UCLA already way back when he first committed. He's not taking them because he's wavering but because this is a once in a lifetime chance to see some new places and have some fun with the process.
"He hasn't set any dates yet but I know we're going to visit Oregon, Washington and Arizona State. Of course he'll visit UCLA too but again, we haven't talked about dates or anything like that just yet."