Herron close to decision

Lately, it hasn't been a big mystery on where Sugarland (Texas) Fort Bend Dulles outside linebacker Brandon Herron is leaning towards, but it doesn't everyone else is out of this race going into the fall.
The 6-foot-2, 198-pounder has been reported as heavily favoring Nebraska, but two other Big 12 schools aren't completely off of his list. The No. 38 prospect in the state of Texas says that both Kansas State and Oklahoma State hav his attention as schools he's still eyeing.
"I've been talking with Nebraska, I haven't committed yet because I need to go up and check out their campus," Herron said. "We're trying for Sept. 1 actually. I can't tell you if anyone is going to change my mind on committing there or not.
"I'm not exactly sure myself."
Both K-State and OSU are certainly not out of the picture and Herron says he's got interest in both programs.
"From the beginning of the spring, I've liked both of those schools," Herron said. "OSU is building a lot of new facilities, which I think everyone is trying to do now. I have a church member that is going to Kansas State and he says that they have great tradition. I like that. That's why I like Nebraska as well."
Herron says that decision most likely will come on an official visits. Whether that is at Nebraska or on a trip after that, is up in the air.
"Hopefully it will be during the season," he said about a commitment. "If not, I'll wait and decide after the season."