Herman Johnson down to three teams

One of the nation’s biggest offensive linemen in the nation had one of the nation’s longest list of teams chasing after him for a long time.
But after thinking hard about Colorado, LSU, Oklahoma, Okahoma State, Texas A&M, Houston and Arkansas, Denton, Texas, three-star offensive guard Herman Johnson said he’s down to three teams.
“I already had Oklahoma set up,” Johnson, a monster guard that stands 6-foot-8 and 350 pounds, said. “I’m going to LSU right after Thanksgiving. I believe it is November 28 for the Arkansas game. It’s going to be a mid-week visit. I’m then going to Houston the weekend after Oklahoma, so that’s going to be on December 19.”

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Houston isn’t a team that many people gave a chance to early in the process, but Johnson said the Cougars have a secret weapon that’s helping their chances.
“Coach (Phillip) Montgomery is recruiting me for Houston,” Johnson, ranked as the nation’s No. 15 offensive guard, said. “He was my offensive coordinator at Denton last season, so he knows me really well. I have a great relationship with him, and could see myself playing for him there.”
But he said he also could see himself playing easily for the Sooners and Tigers. After calling LSU his leader throughout most of the process, Johnson said he’s backed off of that and now likes all three teams about equal.
“I don’t think I could put any team in order or say who’s No. 1,” he said. “I’ve kind of re-opened things up and am open between those three. I’m going to wait and take my visits and see what happens.”
On the visits, Johnson said he has several things that will be important for him.
“I want to see how I’m going to get along with the players and coaches,” he said. “That’ll be a key thing. I don’t want to go a place where I don’t get along with all the guys.”