Hendrix lands a big offer

Rivals250 defensive end Dewayne Hendrix of O'Fallon, Ill., has added scholarship offers at a steady pace since the end of his senior year, but he took special note of the offer he landed on Wednesday from USC.
"It's big right now ... just huge," Hendrix said. "I was really excited because a lot of my family is going back to California when I finish high school, so it is going to be something to really think about."
The 6-foot-5, 240-pound Hendrix was going about a normal school day when he stepped away to receive the offer.

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"I was on my way to my sixth hour and one of my coaches wanted me to call Coach Ek [Mike Ekeler]," Hendrix said. "I called him and he wanted me to talk with Coach O [Ed Orgeron].
"Coach O said he had seen my film and that they wanted to offer me a scholarship. He told me they only offer players outside of the state they think are going to be first-round draft picks."
Although the offer was only a few hours old, Hendrix was already making plans to visit USC during a previously planned trip to California.
"I am pretty sure I am going to be out there in August," Hendrix said. "I know we will be going to USC for a fact because that is 45 minutes from [family]."
Hendrix will not have to wait until August for his next campus visit. He will be out at Ole Miss later this week.
"We are leaving Friday and maybe get to a practice," Hendrix said. "Basically, I just want to see the format, what defense they run and how they set things up. I have a really great relationship with my position coach and I look forward to getting down there and seeing how he does things in person."
The next schools Hendrix plans to see are Iowa and Iowa State. He expects those visits to happen later this month, but has not scheduled dates for those yet. His offer list is well into double-digit territory, but no leaders have yet emerged.
"Everyone's equal right now," Hendrix said. "I am just trying to think where I want to go, but it is hard with so many choices."
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