Hendrick sets timetables

Defensive end Torey Hendrick is firmly in wait-and-see mode. The Brooklyn ASA College standout holds six BCS-level scholarship offers. It's not as though he has a shortage of solid options. Don't expect him to make a move anytime soon, though. He's perfectly content to sit around and see what shakes.
This is a break from the norm. At one point, Hendrick was close to naming a couple of favorites. He was close to making up his mind on which schools to visit. Those days, it would seem, are now firmly in the past. As his name generates more and more buzz, Hendick's outlook is being revised.
"I thought, you know, like, Florida State and Iowa at one point," Hendrick said. "But every time I turn around, there's a new offer. You know what I mean? So I can't think about it right now. I have to just wait and see what schools I have."
Hendrick plans to accept offers from all comers until the second week of September, when he plans to narrow his list to five. After that, he'll take an official visit to each of schools left standing. His timetable is strict. His plan is complete. His approach is methodical.
"I'm not going to start taking visits until September, so I probably won't be making a decision for a while," he said. "I'm not taking the five visits until after our season, so I'll decide right before signing day."
Kansas is the latest school to offer Hendrick. And since the Jayhawks, which made things official last week, easily made his self-instituted deadline of September, the invitation is being considered. According to Hendrick, there's a lot to like about Charlie Weis' program.
Forget the 1-11 record KU posted a year ago. That matters not to the three-star prospect. Instead, he's concerned with the future - a future he feels might be bright.
"Charlie Weis has a great resume," Hendrick said. "He coached under Bill Parcells. He coached under Bill Belichick. He coached at Notre Dame. He has a great coaching resume. He's been at Kansas, like, a year now and he's very interesting to me."
The 6-foot-4, 225-pound Hendrick is adamant that he has no favorites in the process as of now. He says that Pittsburgh is recruiting him heavily but is yet to make things official with an offer. He will base his decision on the availability of playing time and how each school's defensive scheme fits his skill set.
And when it comes to the last part, he has a very specific role in mind.
"I think I fit perfectly as a stand-up defensive end or a rush linebacker," Hendrick said. "I think that it's the perfect scheme for me to be successful in. I also want to be at a school that can win a conference championship and go to a bowl game."