Henderson postpones decision

Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward linebacker Troy Henderson had planned to announce a commitment on July 4, but a new offer from Nebraska has delayed those plans.
"I'm not committing today; I'm going to take some more time," Henderson said Friday morning. "I was pretty excited for the (Nebraska) scholarship offer, so now I'm probably going to visit them, give them a chance and make a decision before the football season starts."
Nebraska has been in contact with Henderson since the spring. The offer came through Thursday evening during a conversation with linebackers coach Ross Els.
"Monday or Tuesday I was talking to him and he told me in the next week they expected to offer," Henderson said. "I told him I was going to commit and he said he was going to let me know before Friday."
After getting a chance to scout the 6-foot, 210-pound Henderson, several aspects of his game intrigued the Corhusker's linebacker coach.
"He said I am an intelligent player with a high football IQ," Henderson said. "I have speed, quickness and am able to make plays in the open field. He said I could play inside or outside linebacker."
Although Henderson has not yet made a campus visit to Lincoln, he is familiar with Nebraska's football tradition.
"I know they have sold out all their games for 40 years or something crazy like that," Henderson said. "They're fans are really nice, really cool and they are one of the good teams in the Big Ten. They always make it to a bowl game, are always competitive. I love how they play defense - they really get after it. They seem like a family-oriented team."
Henderson was prepared to make his decision on Friday from the group of schools that had offered prior to Nebraska. He continues to hold several of those programs in high-esteem and talked about which ones will be strongly considered moving forward.
"Syracuse, Rutgers and now since I am (postponing), probably Cincinnati too," he said. "I might go see Cincinnati now since it is about three hours away."
Henderson recently returned from a visit to Rutgers in late June. He said a trip to Syracuse could also be in the works for later this summer.