Helton makes a decision

Chattanooga (Tenn.) Baylor School linebacker David Helton has come to a decision. The 6-foot-3, 226-pounder decided amongst numerous offers including Duke, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Syracuse and others.
"I just called Coach Cutcliffe at Duke about an hour ago and committed," he said. "He was really happy.
"He just told all the other coaches and said I was at the top of their board. He said he really wanted me and was happy."
Helton went in-depth about his selection.
"I actually went on vacation with my family this weekend and it was nice to get away from everything at home," he said. "I thought I would be happy not just playing football at Duke, I've be happy with everything there.
"When I went there I got a great feeling and I know that those coaches would coach me up the best as they could to their ability. I want to play for them. The feeling I got on campus I didn't get at any other school really."
Helton confirmed the coaching staff was a big part of his choice.
"Oh yeah, I love the coaching staff," he said. "I worked with Coach Collins one-on-one for a day and he really liked me and I liked him. I could tell he is someone really committed to his job.
"I love Coach Cutcliffe too. He's absolutely awesome and talked to my family about the place. In addition, I met the players and they were all really nice guys. I just felt good when I went there."
Duke recruited Helton as an inside linebacker and they have even mentioned the possibility of early playing time.
"They've said I got a real good chance of playing early," he said. "That's definitely a plus.
"I'm excited to go there. Duke is definitely on the rise and I anticipate them being vey good the next few years."