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Hefney down to two

One of the top defensive backs on the Gamecock's recruiting board is Jon Hefney. He had planned to visit South Carolina this over the weekend, but had to change his plans.
"I was going to visit South Carolina this weekend but I never got a call from the coaches or anyone," said the 5-foot-10, 172 pound cornerback from Rock Hill, S.C. "It's been a while since I've talked to anyone from South Carolina and all they had to do was call and I would have gone. But I don't know what went on.
"I still plan on visiting South Carolina, but I'm not sure when I'll re-schedule the visit for. I know the coaches tried to reach my high school coach, but they never got to me."
Hefney also plans on visiting Tennessee, but moved that trip back a week. He'll be in Knoxville Jan. 31 instead of the 24th.
"I'm not really considering North Carolina anymore. They got some good commitments recently and the depth chart is pretty full there. I'm basically down to Tennessee and South Carolina.
"I've got a friend that really likes South Carolina but doesn't like Tennessee. My mom is really pushing me to go to Tennessee because of the academics and she likes the coaching staff. I would have to say Tennessee is the frontrunner now."
Hefney believes the decision will ultimately be between just South Carolina and Tennessee and he wants to wait until Signing Day to decide.