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Heavy activity for Carmel Ind. OLB

In mid-April, Air Force became the first school to offer Brian East a scholarship. The days of being the lone school on the 6-foot-4 prospect's offer list seem to be numbered.
College coaches have been flocking to Carmel (Ind.) High School this spring to check in on East.
"Thus far, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and about seven MAC schools have come in," East said. "Prior to the evaluation period, Purdue and Indiana have shown strong interest along the way."
"I think Purdue is one of the schools that is close to offering. I have had great contact with coach Mark Hagan. He says I am as high on their board as I can be. I have to go to their camp this summer. They want to see if I am an outside linebacker or a defensive end. They say there is a good chance I get an offer if I attend their camp."
Though most schools are recruiting East as an outside linebacker, Purdue is looking at the in-state prospect as a defensive end. Coach Mark Hagan has a strong connection with East.
"He is actually a Carmel grad. I have gotten to know him well. Purdue in only an hour away. I have had great communication with him."
The Boilermakers are not alone among schools considering an offer.
"Akron echoes what Purdue said, so does Central Michigan," East said. "Indiana, I have not had as much contact with them, but from what they have told me, I feel good about an offer. Wisconsin can be thrown in that group. Their linebacker coach came in here and they were impressed. At this point, it is up to me to go to camps. I am confident that once I go, I can get those offers."
With so many schools in the picture, East said he is trying to keep an open mind.
"I have not scratched anyone out yet. A favorite school I have always wanted to go to is Stanford. My grandfather got his doctorate there. He has always wanted one of us to go to school there. I believe Stanford has the best combination of academics and athletics. Coach Durkin came to visit this spring."
"Close to home, it is a toss-up between Indiana and Purdue. Other than that, I like Vanderbilt. I have to do some more research on the other schools."
Last semester, East brought home a 4.0 G.P.A., bringing his cumulative score to more than 3.7.
"I am looking into the business field primarily. Engineering would be a second choice."