Heastie up to five offers

In the past couple weeks, Rivals100 to watch 2009 wide receiver Logan Heastie has taken a trip to Florida and added three offers. Rivals caught up with the 6-foot-2, 181-pounder to find out about everything that is going on.
"The trip to Florida was awesome," he said. "It was great and I loved it. We drove out there and arrived at Gainesville at 10:30. Once we got there, I walked around the school, checked in at the F club and then I got to see the Gator walk up close. After all that, I went to the stadium down on the field and watched the players warm up. That's also when I talked to coach Meyers and Gonzales."
How was it for Heastie to talk to the coaches?
"They were cool," he said. "I got to talk to each of them for about 10 minutes. Coach Meyer joked how I'd get in on one series.
"As for the atmosphere, it was great too. When they are on offense, it was real quiet, but on defense it's the loudest thing. I couldn't even talk to my brother who was right beside me."
Although he had hoped to, Heastie didn't get the chance to meet with fellow Hampton Roads star Percy Harvin.
Following the visit, the 2009 prospect landed an offer from the Gators on Friday along with ones from North Carolina and Virginia Tech.
"I got all three this past Friday," he said. "The Virginia Tech coaches came by my school and gave the offer to my coach. I keep hearing that they are losing four or five receivers after this season and if I go there I could start right away. I also noticed coach Sherman stayed and watched my game on Friday night even though I didn't play.
"As for Florida, that didn't really surprise me. It's no secret I'm real high on them and there's nothing much else to say. With North Carolina, I'm just not really that interested, but I will keep them in consideration."
Clearly Florida has the advantage, now with an offer in-hand is Heastie close to committing?
"I was thinking about committing, I kind of want to," he said. "My parents want me to ride it out and take my visits next year. I can't really say what will happen, I might wait or maybe not."
Is anyone up there with the Gators?
"Boston College is real high and now that Tyrod Taylor has stepped up for Virginia Tech, they are up there too."
Heastie went on to mention his plans for a few more visits this season.
"I'm going to Virginia Tech on Saturday for the North Carolina game," he said. "I'm also planning to go to the Virginia-Virginia Tech game in November and then I'd like to head to Boston College for at least one of their games."
In the meantime, Southern Cal has just started to come in and show interest.