Heartland OL has offers from the Pac 10

Rivals.com four-star offensive tackle Nick Demien won't have any worry about just picking from a few Division I schools, as he is sitting on approximately 17 scholarship offers. He made it quite clear that he is "trying to stay away from those top five deals", but he did mention a few schools that have caught his interest for one reason or another.
On the West Coast, he does have offers from UCLA, Arizona and Oregon, but only Oregon would appear to have a legitimate chance right now. In fact, they could end up being among his final choices. Having family in the state and having seen the state about six years ago helps.
"I have some interest in Oregon, as I have some family there, but that is probably the only West Coast school I have interest in," Demien said about the Ducks. "I really don't know a whole ton about them.

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"It kind of sparks interest because they are close to some family out that way. That is really why I have interest in them. I know they have the NIKE facilities, which is kind of cool and I'm pretty sure Microsoft updates their stuff, which is pretty cool too."
Demien would prefer to make up his mind on one school "hopefully by the end of the summer", so how would he make it out to Oregon? He might have that covered.
"Actually, I possibly will (be visiting Oregon), as I have a wedding out that way for one of my cousins, so there is a possibility then," he said.
A large portion of his offers are near his home and that might seem to be where he could go. Missouri, of course, was mentioned and two other schools.
"I have quite bit of interest in Oklahoma," he said. "They are close, but not extremely close. Wisconsin, I have interest in them, as one of my former teammates, who will be a freshman there. He is a running back, so I have interest in Wisconsin, as he chose them for some reason or another. I'm curious why he chose them."
Demien's parents have no preference on the school he ultimately picks.