Heaps has sight on targets

Class of 2010 quarterback Jake Heaps (6-2, 195, 4.8) from Sammamish (Wash.) Skyline has been a known commodity with recruitneks since his sophomore season when he threw for 3,095 yards and 31 touchdowns while leading his high school to a state championship. He already has a pretty good idea what he is doing on the recruiting trail.
"I named my top 10 schools and then Florida State offered," Heaps said. "I am definitely interested in Florida State, too, so we will see now how it all shakes out."
"My goal is to commit as soon as possible because I want to be able to make an impact and my college choice recruit the best possible class," Heaps said. "I'm pretty locked into this scenario, but you never know what will happened, but committing early is definitely the plan."

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The schools that are in the race are in alphabetical order are BYU, Cal, Colorado, Florida State, LSU, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oregon State, Tennessee, UCLA and Washington. Heaps has already done a lot of research on all 11 schools and breaks it down.
"BYU is definitely a program on the rise," Heaps said. "If you look at the past three years, BYU ranks in the top seven in wins in the entire country.
"BYU is a school where I can represent my faith and BYU definitely has a rich tradition in quarterbacks. I think that the school will also help me grow in my faith and as a player."
"Cal has Coach Jeff Tedford," Heaps said. "He's a legendary quarterback coach and is a very good head coach as well.
"What Coach Tedford has done at Cal during his time, considering where he started is remarkable. Cal's offense definitely fits my style and they definitely have the players. To be coached by Coach Tedford would be pretty fun."
"Colorado is a program that has a lot of good, young talent," Heaps said. "Dan Hawkins is a coach who has done very well, wherever he has coached.
"If you look at it, Coach Hawkins was really the catalyst for Boise State. Colorado has a good offense and the program is headed in the right way."
"The Florida State offer was really unexpected," Heaps said. "My mom told me I had mail from Florida State. This happened right after I announced my top 10 schools. I called Jimbo Fisher and he offered me.
"Usually when you talk to a coach, you have to introduce yourself and let the coach know who you are and what you have done, but not with Florida State. They already knew all about me. I think the program is back on the rise and they will be back to where Florida State used to be."
"LSU is a powerhouse program and it is in the SEC," Heaps said. "They have a great offense and coach Gary Crowton has a great offensive mind.
"LSU is on TV every week and they are a program that everyone knows about and they bring in great talent every year. They always play at a high level, year after year."
"With North Carolina, coach Butch Davis is a great coach and he's putting something special together down there," Heaps said. "I think he's putting together a powerhouse program. Coach Davis has put together as great coaching staff and he's always been successful."
"The name of Notre Dame says it all," Heaps said. "Charlie Weis is another outstanding offensive mind and he's a great quarterback coach.
"It has been very intriguing to watch what he has been able to with Tom Brady, Brady Quinn and now with Jimmy Clausen. To be recruited by Notre Dame is an honor and like I said, the name Notre Dame says it all."
"I love Oregon State's coaching staff," Heaps said. "Mike Riley is a tremendous coach and what they have done with one and two star recruits is remarkable.
"Oregon State definitely get the best out of their players. Just look at the impact of what one four-star, Jacquizz Rodgers, had on their program."
"At Tennessee, Coach Lane Kiffin is a very promising coach," Heaps said. "There is a lot to look forward to in Tennessee's future. Coach Kiffin has put together an absolutely amazing staff.
"To be able to play for one of the SEC's premier teams in front of 108, 000 fans would definitely be one for the memory books. Tennessee is a program on the rise and they will be very good in the future."
"UCLA has great offensive coaches in Rick Neuheisel and Norm Chow," Heaps said. "The campus is beautiful and I think the coaching staff is going to get the program up to where it needs to be in a very short time.
"On a personal level, I know Coach Neuheisel. I played AAU basketball with his son, so my family knows the Neuheisel's fairly well. I'm looking forward to get to know UCLA better."
"In Coach Steve Sarkisian, Washington hired a fantastic coach," Heaps said. "I think he is the right guy for the job and I think he's going to get that program back in the right direction.
"Washington is my hometown school. To play in from of my family and friends would be nice. I grew up a Husky fan and have been so all my life. They have put together a young and energetic staff."
Heaps will work on his skills this offseason by attending the Elite 11 tryout camp in Eugene and the Northwest NIKE Camp.