Hazelton, McCoy shake things up

One was supposed to take his final official visit to Georgia this weekend while the other was expected to be in Raleigh, N.C. for a surprise visit. Now neither Vidal Hazelton nor LeSean McCoy will be headed to either UGA or NC State respectively. However, the duo will be taking an official visit to the same place this weekend. Where?
"I'm going to Penn State this weekend," said Hazelton, the 6-foot-3, 195-pounder ranked as the No. 2 wide receiver in the country. "This was a last minute thing. I was supposed to go to Georgia but switched it up. I'll take an unofficial visit to Georgia though because my family is moving to Atlanta. But Penn State is having a big weekend and I wanted to be part of it."
As for McCoy, NC State has been postponed.

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"LeSean was going to go to NC State but there was some miscommunication and his dad told Penn State he was coming this weekend," LeSean's mother said. "We talked to coach Cignetti from NC State and explained it to him and LeSean will visit there another weekend."
For Hazelton, this is his last official visit. He's already been to Virginia Tech, Tennessee, USC and Miami. For McCoy, it is visit No. 3 as he's visited Virginia Tech and USC officially. The duo's list of schools seems to be similar. Is this by chance?
"Kind of," said Hazelton. "LeSean and I are cool and we had a great time at Virginia Tech together so we talk here and there. But it's not like we're a package deal or anything. We just like some of the same schools."
Hazelton will know a few people on his visit this weekend.
"Maurice Evans is going and he and I are good friends," he said. "I know some other guys as well and I've been there before so I know some players. Either Derrick Williams or Terrell Golden will be my host and I met both of them on an unofficial. I want to see what it's like on an official."
McCoy has long been interested in Penn State.
"A lot of top players are going to go there I hear," he said. "They told me they have a couple of top guys who haven't announced yet. It should be a good time there this weekend."
McCoy said he was being hosted by Williams so it looks like both he and Hazelton will be spending a lot of time with last year's No. 1 player.
As for the remaining schools on their list, where do they stand?
"I still like Miami and USC the best I think but I'm also hoping I like Penn State," Hazelton said. "I also want to see Georgia and I might take an unofficial visit to Virginia if I can."
McCoy's list is still being formulated.
"USC and Virginia Tech along with Penn State and I still want to see Miami," he said. "My fifth visit I'm not sure. Jeremy Ricker keeps wanting to get me down to Maryland and I still might go to NC State, but that would mostly be to see Marcus (Stone). Maybe Florida or UCLA or someplace like that."
McCoy still hopes to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl but that appears to be doubtful.
"I'm still not running on it," he said of his ankle, which he broke mid-season. "I see the doctor next week and we'll see."