Haynes staying patient

Jacksonville (Fla.) Nease linebacker Hunter Haynes was on the radar screen before the season started. After an amazing 19 tackle performance against Hoover on national television the first week of the season, things are getting interesting.
"I have gotten calls from all the schools that have offered plus Alabama, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Iowa and Iowa State," Haynes said. "I don't have any new offers, I have a great list of offers already, but I'm hoping to get more."
The 6-foot-2, 218-pound Haynes runs the 40-yard dash in 4.61 seconds, has a 340-pound bench press and a 450-pound squat.

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"I didn't play a whole lot last year so a lot of schools are just wanting to further evaluate me," Haynes said. "They are all wanting to see more senior film and stuff like that. I know that coach Shula and coach Wyatt from Alabama are coming to see me play on October 7 against St. Augustine."
Through just three games and a jamboree lasting one half, Haynes has already racked up 65 tackles, 19 of which came in the Hoover game and 13 of the 19 came in the first half.
"I don't have a top five yet," Haynes said. "I have some great offers, but I want to give these other schools that are recruiting me a chance to offer as well. The sooner I can narrow it down and make a decision the better because I want to focus on my senior season."
Haynes has a busy couple of weekends coming up.
Hunter Haynes VideoClick "I have not been to any games so far this year, but I will be on the road the next two weekends," Haynes said. "This weekend I am going up to Wake Forest and next weekend I am going to go to the Alabama-Florida game up in Tuscaloosa."Here to view this Link.