Hayes thinking about officials

Linebacker Jerome Hayes has offers from all his favorite schools, and he's just about ready to set up his official visits. What schools will he be seeing in person in the coming months?
"Right now I'm thinking that I'll take officials to Miami, Florida, Rutgers and Michigan State," said Hayes. "I'm still trying to decide whether I want my last visit to be to Virginia Tech or Tennessee. I don't think I could go wrong either way, but I'll think that over a little while longer. I haven't set any dates for any of these."
The 6-foot-2, 225-pound outside linebacker/running back from Bayonne, N.J. is interested in all six of the schools he's considering for official visits, but do any of those schools stand out?

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"No, they're all about even right now," he said. "Each has something to offer that has really impressed me. I love the level of competition in the SEC, ACC and Big Ten, and then there's the possibility of staying closer to home. There won't be one thing that convinces me where I need to be. I'll look at the total package."
When would Hayes like to make his decision?
"Right now I'd like to wait until the end of the process. Don't hold me to that, but I think I'll need all the time I have to make a good decision."