Hawkins talks about visit to CU

Two weeks ago, Boise (Idaho) Bishop Kelly quarterback Cody Hawkins took an official visit to Boise State. This past weekend, it was his other co-leader, Colorado, who got their chance to try and reel in the talented signal caller.
Hawkins, 5-11, 180 pounds said he was still torn between his final two schools after his visit to Boise State and was singing the same tune after returning home from Boulder this past weekend.
"It was a really, really cool trip," Hawkins said. "I was there on an unofficial visit a couple of weeks ago and I just love the place. It was 40 degrees but sunny and I was walking around with a tee shirt on all weekend just loving it. I had a basketball game on Friday so I didn't leave for Boulder until around 5:30 Saturday morning.
"Dusty Sprague was my host and he was a great guy. He's a lot like me, not really into partying or anything so we clicked right away. When I got in on Saturday, I checked in and then went to breakfast with the other recruits. There were about 12 total players there so it was a pretty big weekend. After breakfast we toured the campus, met with the academic advisers and checked out the football facilities and the stadium.
"One of the coolest things was getting to see Ralphie (school mascot) run on the field. They said it was the first time she had ever run in snow before and it was just crazy seeing how big and fast she was. On T.V., it doesn't look like she's going that fast but when you're right there up close, it's impressive. The handlers that are running with her have to be running super fast too or else they're going to get dragged all over the place.
"That night, Dusty and I just hung out at his place and played some Play Station. We hit the local 7-11, bought some ice cream and just played games all night, how do you beat that. Then Sunday, everyone left but my dad (CU head coach Dan Hawkins) scored tickets to the Denver- Pittsburgh game so we ended up going and that was awesome. I've only been to one or two NFL games in my life before so it was a great experience to be there.
"Right now, everything is still pretty much the same for me. I like Boise State and Colorado pretty equally and I don't have a timeline when I'll make my decision. I'm not close right now and if I don't know by Signing Day, I just won't sign. This isn't something I'm going to rush. It's a huge decision and pretty much all I ever think about. I'm done with my trips now and won't be having any more home visits so I'm just going to be thinking everything over between the two schools and when I know what I do, I'll let everyone know."