Hawkins still torn

There isn't a better story than Boise (Idaho) Bishop Kelly quarterback Cody Hawkins. From being labeled too short to play at the Div I level a year ago, to winning back to back state titles, earning a spot at the Elite 11 quarterback camp, committing to the hometown school to play for his dad, only to see his dad leave the program and head to another, it has been a very eventful and exciting year for the talented signal caller.
Hawkins, 5-11, 180 pounds is one of those kids you can't help but root for. He's the proverbial underdog who overcomes all odds to achieve great things.
"I've been told my whole life I'm too short to play this game," Hawkins said. "That kind of stuff just motivates me, it always has. Even after our team went undefeated my junior year and won a state championship, people said we couldn't do it again and we did.

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"Then people tried to tell me I was too short and not strong enough to play college ball so I went out and proved myself at all the camps and combines. I made the Elite 11 and was voted one of the top five guys there but my ranking still went down. Once again, I was told the same things, I just wasn't big enough to play this game but I think I've proved I definitely can."
Hawkins committed in the summer to Boise State to play for his dad, Dan Hawkins after also seriously considering Oregon. It looked like a perfect match, the local product staying close to home to help lead the hometown team while playing for his father. Then Hawkins was offered the head job at Colorado, jumped on it and now the burning question is which way will the quarterback go.
At face value, it looks almost like a slam dunk choice. Hawkins can have the opportunity to play for his father at a big time University in a power conference but it's not as simple as that.
"It's a lot tougher than people think," Hawkins said. "I mean, I understand Colorado is a great school and the Big 12 is a BCS conference and all but if this was all about me playing in a big conference, I would have committed to Oregon back in the summer. You have to understand that I really relate to Boise State in a lot of ways.
"People talk about Boise State being this small school in a small conference and every year they're fighting for respect. That's the same thing with me, small quarterback always fighting for respect so I see a lot of myself in Boise State and that's something that draws me to the program. I love the program there and I love Coach Peterson and that offense. I grew up rooting for Boise State and I already know all the players on the team and I know a lot of players going there this year.
"It's almost a better situation at Boise State now than it was when my dad was there because I'll be able to go and compete for the job without anyone saying I'm only playing because my dad is the coach. Plus I love it here in Boise and it would be great to play for the hometown school and lead that program. It's all about getting respect at Boise State and we're fighting that same battle together.
"At the same time, Colorado is a great school and I would still love to play for my dad. There is nothing more important to me than my family and they're all in Boulder right now. Colorado has had success the last few years but I think nationally, they're still thought of as being down right now. I would love the chance to be the quarterback to lead that team back to respectability in what is one of the top conferences in the country.
"A school from the Big 12 just won the National Championship so you can't get better than that. I would love the chance to go and compete against those great teams and great defenses every week. You talk about earning respect, that would be a great way to go out and do that. Plus it's a beautiful area and I really like it a lot there.
"So as you can see, it's a pretty tough choice and that's why I've been struggling with it for so long. I just took my official visit to Boise State this past weekend and I'll be visiting Colorado this weekend. I really don't have a timeline or anything of when I'll decide and I'm not going to rush anything. As soon as I know and it feels right, that's when I'll decide and hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks here."