Hawkeyes snag Ohio WR

Avon Lake, Ohio, receiver Trey Stross was told at the Iowa summer camp that he was the Hawkeyes’ No. 1 receiver prospect in the nation. When he heard that, he felt like he didn’t need to hear anymore. That’s because he decided to make his college decision.
And now he’s an Iowa Hawkeye.
“I’m flattered by them telling me that and believing in me that much,” Stross said. “I didn’t need to hear anymore because I decided to go ahead and commit to them.”
Stross, who is 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds, said several other factors led to his decision.
“I was really impressed by their strength and conditioning coach,” Stross, an honorable mention all-state pick as a junior, said. “Each player has their own workout program, so that everybody’s not just doing the same thing. It’s a program that’s designed just for you.
“I also like how they’re really doing a great job with the recruits in Illinois and in Chicago. They paired me up with Jake (Christensen) at camp, and it was really great to catch balls from him. We talked about how great it would be to play at Iowa together. They also have a great group of offensive linemen coming in, so it was just perfect.”