Haughton has standouts

Waco (Texas) Midway three-star safety Kahlil Haughton has attracted the attention of college coaches from coast-to-coast, and holds offers from some of the finest and most tradition rich football playing institutions in the country.
He is highly coveted to say the least and the recruiting process has gotten off to a quick start. As spring football begins at Waco Midway and college coaches make their rounds on the recruiting trail, Haughton is taking a look at his options.
"It's been pretty busy early whenever it first started, but lately it's kind of slowed down a little bit," Haughton said. "Right now it's time for me to be able to think about all of my options, and be able to build some relationships and talk to everybody. This is the time I've started collecting my data, I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with it."

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As he looks over his options, there are a few schools which have caught his attention.
"I'm going to say Oklahoma is probably one that is starting to standout. I really like what they're doing up there," Haughton said. "I like LSU, of course they're DBU everything. They're always one of the best colleges. I like what Duke is doing. They have a great education, and they're playing really well so I have the best of both worlds. Baylor, of course you have Baylor. They're Big 12 Champs, and they're doing everything right right now. I probably couldn't get any better than them right now, but yeah those are that definitely stand out right now."
He is not ready to make his choice at this point, but he does have a plan when it comes to narrowing his list and eventually making his decision.
"Probably towards the end of the spring I'll make a top 10 list," Haughton said. "After that I'll probably announce my commitment in the summer."
What is he looking for in a college program?
"Just the place in general and what kind of vibe I get from it," Haughton said. "You know the people around in the community. The kind of relationships I build with the coaches. Knowing they will always be there and I'll be able to see them on and off the field and talk about whatever. Those are probably some key things. Playing time of course, I want to be able to get in there and play early."