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Hatchett looking at Big 12 North

Willis, Texas all-purpose back Erick Hatchett is looking at five schools right now. But, he is still waiting for his first scholarship offer.
“I’ve got five schools that I am looking at,” the 5-foot-7, 170-pound Hatchett said. “Iowa State, Kansas State, TCU, Houston and Texas A&M. But, I don’t have a scholarship offer.”
Hatchett claims all except the Aggies have talked about scholarships possibly coming in the future.
“They’ve all mentioned it,” he said. “Most of them want to see how I start this season off. Then we’ll see how it goes is what they say. So, hopefully I can get off to a quick start again and get them interested in me more.”
Hatchett wants to play outside the state of Texas if he can.
“I want to go out of state. Iowa State and K-State are my top two choices. Iowa State has had a history of smaller type running backs. So, I’ve paid attention to them for quite a while. Kansas State has a small back right now. And also, their old quarterback Michael Bishop is from here. I’ve visited with him about the school there. He has told me it is a good school.”
Hatchett isn’t going to be picky about a school when the time comes to make a choice.
“I want to find a school I can play at,” he said. “If it is in Texas, then that’s the way it is supposed to be. I just want to find a school that will give me a chance.”