Hatch adds first offer

It's no surprise that the 2007 class at Dallas (Texas) Carter will be heavily talented as usual considering the likes of offensive center Jeremiah Hatch and his first offer that has come to his doorstep.
The first year on varsity last season as a junior proved to be a good one earning him first-team all-district honors. As a sophomore, he shared time at both the junior varsity and varsity level.
"That's hard work," Hatch said about the beginning of his high school career. "You're going to both practices and both games. I wasn't really playing as much on varsity though as I was on JV. It went alright and prepared me for the next stage."
The next stage includes tons of mail from the likes of Oklahoma, TCU, LSU, Iowa and now an offer from Arizona.
"I got that earlier this year," Hatch said. "The coaches from Arizona actually came in to look at Demarcus Love. They saw me playing basketball and they told my coach that I'd be getting an offer."
"Then the offer came in writing not too long ago to my coach. I was real excited and honored to have somebody wanting me."
There should be quite a few more teams that want the 6-foot-3, 280-pound center. Hatch says he's pretty even though with favorites at this early point.
One thing is for sure: he's about a lot more in high school than athletics.
"What makes me a good player is motivation," Hatch said. "It's not just about athletics though - my motivation is to get into college and I'm using my football abilities to get somewhere in life."