Has Trimane Goddard decided

Roanoke, N.C. cornerback Trimane Goddard wanted to make a commitment before his senior season started. Has he done so?
"Trimane has made up his mind and knows where he's going," said Goddard's mother. "He's just not telling anyone. He hasn't even told me, which is funny. He's being very quiet about it."
Goddard has offers from Florida State, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia (among others), his four most recent favorites. In a conversation with Trimane a few weeks ago, it seemed like the Tar Heels had the edge.
"I really feel comfortable at UNC," said the 5-foot-11, 180-pounder. "I was listing UVA as my leader, but now it's UNC. That doesn't mean things won't change, but right now I'm leaning towards staying home."
His Mom thinks a decision will be announced soon enough.
"I think he wants to announce during the first couple weeks of the season," she said. "Right now he has school and practice and I think he wants to let things calm down a bit."
"I hope I'll be one of the first to find out," she laughed. "But I don't know, that's how Trimane is. He's very quiet about all of it."
Goddard had 124 tackles as a junior.
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