Has Toal set fifth visit

Wyckoff (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep linebacker Brian Toal was expected to figure out his fifth official visit destination by mid week. So where will he be heading?
"I'm pretty sure I'll take my fifth visit to Rutgers," said the 6-foot-2, 228-pounder. "It's only around 45 minutes away, I like the coaches there a lot, I have friends there and I'm just starting to get tired of the process a little bit and all the traveling."
Toal, who has already visited Boston College, Miami, Tennessee and Penn State, expects to trip to Rutgers over Virginia Tech and Notre Dame.
"Coach Schiano is a great guy and he's from Wyckoff," he said. "I like coach D'Anofrio as well. It'll be a cool, low key visit. I'm not really looking at Rutgers very hard, but I will give them the respect of a visit."
Toal said that three teams top his list right now.
"Boston College, Penn State and Tennessee are on top with Miami right behind them," he said. "I'm announcing my decision on ESPN on Feb. 4 sometime between 4-5PM EST as far as I know."
Toal is beginning to think about the transistion to college.
I'll wear either No. 1 or No. 8 in college unless I go to BC, where I'd wear No. 16," he said. "At BC it would be the continuation of the Wyckoff tradition -- Rob Tardio, my brother Greg and myself would be the last three to wear No. 16. I think the guy before Tardio was Tom Waddle, which was a long time ago. Mention that in the article, because Tardio and my brother will get a kick out of it."
Toal is ranked as the No. 3 inside linebacker in the country and the No. 25 player overall by