Has LB made another pledge

Commitment No. 1 came to Oklahoma. Commitment No. 2 came to Texas. So would Tennessee be commitment No. 3 for Arlington (Texas) Lamar linebacker Garnet Smith?
There were early reports out of Knoxville that Smith had committed to the Volunteers this weekend after an official visit for the South Carolina game. But Smith said he learned a lot about the recruiting process on his visit and no longer considers himself committed to anybody.
“I didn’t know how to handle this process before, but after talking to the coaches at Tennessee and spending some time talking about my future, the best thing for me to do is not be committed to anybody anymore,” Smith said.

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“Right now, I need to talk to Texas and let them know that I’m not committed to them. I need to call Oklahoma and let them know the same thing. Right now, if you ask me, I’m probably leaning toward Tennessee.
“I told coach Fulmer that I wanted to commit and come, but he said you can’t commit and take other visits. So I guess I’m still looking for the best fit.”
So it’s definitely clear, after committing to two schools already and almost committing to a third, Smith said he’s not committed to anybody at this point.
So what about his trip to Knoxville? What did he like?
“The trip was incredible,” Smith said. “Everything about it was about as perfect as it could get. It was a lot more than I thought it would be. The players were great. They were like a big family. I haven’t gotten that impression at some of the schools I’ve visited before.”