Has Gresham narrowed his list

Not much has been heard from Rivals100 tight end Jermaine Gresham out of Ardmore, Okla. since late September. Rivals caught up with Ardmore's head coach Mike Loyd to get the details on his star 6-foot-7, 247-pounder.
"He's still got a quite a few schools interested and hasn't taken any official visits yet," he said. "I believe Tennessee, Oklahoma, USC, Miami and LSU are his top five. He's also still very interested in Florida too. He just wants to go to one of the top programs in the country and get a great education.
"He's not really looking at recruiting now though as he's all about winning and we're in the state semifinals. We've got a chance to win the state championship. I know he plans to sit down after the season is complete and start deciding things."

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Just last game, Gresham caught 10 passes for 188 yards and three touchdowns in the quarterfinals.
"He makes you a real good coach and he's really improved this year," he said. "He's faster down to a 4.7-second 40, his feet are better, he's filled out more and he's only 17. He's a lot more athletic this season and continues to get better, but he's got a lot to learn too. It's scary to think of the type of potential he has.
"I've coached two Super Bowl MVP players including Doug Williams and he's every bit the athlete they are. He could easily start a lot of places in basketball too, but he loves the physicality of football. The greatest thing though is he's a good kid too. He's got a great heart."
On the season, the four-star prospect has hauled in 67 receptions for 1,170 yards and 26 touchdowns.