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Harvin, McDaniel to decide

The big news coming out of Virginia Beach (Va.) Landstown on Friday is that the nation's top player, wide receiver Percy Harvin, and his talented teammate Damon McDaniel (No. 60 overall) are ready to make their announcement. But when will it happen and what schools are still in the mix for the duo?
"Both Percy and Damon are going to announce their decisions on Monday afternoon," said Landstown head coach Chris Beatty. "They are both ready to end the process. Each feels comfortable enough to choose between two schools. We had to wait before we announced this because we wanted to contact Florida State and Miami on behalf of both kids to let them know so they wouldn't read it on the Internet.
"Percy was supposed to go to Miami this weekend but decided he wanted to cancel and Damon was supposed to go in January but he decided not to wait either. We also wanted to contact FSU for Percy and LSU for Damon to let them know."
Harvin, a 6-foot-1, 188-pounder with blazing speed, will choose between Florida and Southern Cal while McDaniel, 6-foot-0, 192 pounds, will choose between Florida and Virginia Tech.
"They just decided it was time and they didn't want to waste anyone else's time," said Beatty. "They both feel very comfortable with both of their schools and know they can't go wrong with either."
With Florida as a choice for both, is this a package deal?
"It never has been," Beatty said. "They both know they need to do what is right for each. They both liked Florida a lot on their visit but I also know Percy came back from USC with a huge smile on his face and Damon felt so at home at Virginia Tech. They know who they're deciding between but I don't know if they know where they're going yet."
The announcement will be at the Local Satellite Sports Grille in Norfolk, Va. and will be aired by ESPNews at 3:40PM EST.