Harrison sticks by Nebraska

Monte Harrison has heard the rumors about Monte Harrison.
He's heard that the situation at Nebraska is making him uneasy. He's also heard that he's planning to take other visits. Problem is, he's solidly committed and claims to have no idea where that talk are coming from.
He just hears buzz - sometimes at school, sometimes at practice, sometimes during conversations with coaches and reporters. His response is always a shrug.

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See, according to Harrison, the rumors are just that - rumors. It would take a coaching-staff upheaval to make them true.
"As of right now, I'm not planning on visiting anywhere," Harrison said. "I'm not going to do it unless something happens at Nebraska. I'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen."
Harrison says he talks to Cornhusker coaches via different avenues frequently. The chats aren't always about football or how he fits in with the Nebraska system. Instead, the conversations center around what Harrison calls "life stuff."
"They talk to me about everything; baseball, school and football and stuff like that," he said.
Schools such as Missouri and Texas A&M are still pursuing Harrison. The standout wide receiver admits that much. But if everything in Lincoln stays as is, the biggest threat to steal the Lee's Summit West standout isn't a football program at all.
It's the MLB draft.
On that front, nothing is set in stone. The Huskers have always knows turning pro in baseball was a possibility for their prized receiver. The situation is the elephant in Nebraska's war room and it has made itself comfortable. After all, it isn't going anywhere for a while.
"Nothing much on the draft lately," Harrison said. "We've had some meetings, but we haven't talked about the draft because it's too early to say."
Harrison helped his Lee's Summit West team cap off a state title run on Saturday. He claims more than 12 scholarship offers at the time being.